Saturday, August 20, 2005

Invest in real state?

found a very interested article on the values of real state and stocks.. now some guys I know have been increasingly thinking about investing in real state.. before doing so, it would be good to have a read at this NY Times article to at least consider all the factors involved...

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Whats appropiate in a video games

It is indeed amazing how people get worried about some things. In this case all the talk about the GTA secret scenes. I mean, its not as if someone with a PC already cannot get any kind of content by just downloading it, accessing a webpage, etc without need of any special crack for the game. Its not as the web is really "mature coded" so what is the big deal with a couple of pixels? Tom wrote an excellent post on the topic.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Running barefoot with shoes

Apparently someone at Nike realized running without shoes was better than running with shoes. Interestingly enough they are of course now trying to emulate the experience of running without shoes while wearing shoes.

Sounds confussing?

Now what someone should really think about is on how to create a backpack which doesnt feel like carrying a backpack!

Noo! I deleted an email!

Just read something on Jason Fried's blog on a topic which has been bothering me a lot lately:

"However, we were tossing this idea around the table: Why not read an email and then instantly delete it? Why do we save emails? Why do we archive them in folders for safe keeping? We don’t save phone calls. We have a conversation on the phone and then we hang up. If we need to take notes for whatever reason we do, but 99% of phone calls are completely ephemeral. And if we forget something, or we need it again, we just make another call...." it continues on here.

Lately I have been using gmail for my personal email, which has been working great. Just an "archive" click and the things get out of the way, only to come back later when necessary in the "conversation" mode.

Now that is one thing I lack on Outlook, besides the search functionalities are crap so I installed the Yahoo search engine which at least lets you find things often. Nevertheless I usually find myself at a loss with the amount of work needed to archive things in my "inbox" and with inboxes with 50, 100 or more read messages sitting there.

I think I should better start trying the magic of the "delete" key.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

New blog on photograph tips

Just came up to setup an old overdue project. If you are into photography and interested in a few tips every now and then, you might be interested in:

see you there!